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VUS aggregate optimization system

Applications:Mixing station, dry mixing mortar, cement products factory, aggregate mine

Features:Tower type closed system, intelligent control


VUS aggregate optimization system is a tower-type fully enclosed equipment producing machine-made sand. It integrates sand making, stone shape optimization, stone powder content control, gradation adjustment, water content control and environmental protection together.


VUS aggregate optimization system adopts dry process, which mainly consists of feeding, sand making and screening, dust removal, stone powder storage, electrical control, etc. five parts. Raw materials are fed into VUS vertical shaft impact crusher by lifting, after high frequency stone crushing and grinding, they enter the air separation room, and the content of stone powder is adjusted by changing the size of powder box’s air inlet and the system’s air volume. After that, the materials are sent to the separation screen and sorted into stone, stone powder and sand. Stone powder is collected as finished stone powder through dust removal and dust collection system. Quasi-finished sand will be finished sand after mixing through humidifying mixer. By use of VUS aggregate optimization system, coarse and fine aggregates with reasonable gradation, round shape and controllable powder content can be produced, as well as dry and clean stone powder which can be reused.


1.High quality finished products

The gradation of finished sand is continuous and the shape is reasonable. There are less stones liked needle and flake, and they are very round in fact. The surface burrs and edges are greatly decreased. The fluidity is improved and the void fraction is reduced.

2.Strong comprehensive performance

It integrates sand making, stone shape optimization, stone powder content control, gradation adjustment, water content control and environmental protection together, which can make efficiency improved, product shape optimized and powder content controlled.

3.Scientific working process

Raw materials are lifted and transported to the top to crush, screen, brush, humidify and discharged. Then they fall down under the action of gravity, which reduces the use of belt conveyor and opening of the system. Besides, the dust removal effect is improved and system noise is reduced.

4.Intelligent control

There is one key controlling starting up and closing down, and we can monitor the running status of each host easily.

5.Green process

Dry type powder removal process can keep the powder content stable, and the separated stone powder is dry and clean, which is convenient for unified recovery and comprehensive utilization.


Model VUS300 VUS450
  Sand Making Sand Shaping Sand Making Sand Shaping
Input Size (mm) 0-40 0-40
Input Amount (t/h) 90-120 255-300 130-170 385-450
Sand Output (0-4.75mm) (t/h) 75-105 75-105 110-150 110-150
Stone Output (5-31.5mm) (t/h …… 150-170 …… 220-270
Stone Powder Content (adjustable) (mm) 3-15% 3-15%
Power (kW) ≈755 ≈945
Dimension L*W*H (m) 25×10×28 18×11×31


10TPH Limestone Grinding Plant

1TPH Calcite Grinding Plant in

7TPH Bentonite Grinding Plant i

6-9TPH Limestone Grinding Mill

10TPH Gypsum Grinding Plant in

15TPH Limestone Grinding Plant

3TPH limestone powder productio

8-10TPH Calcite Grinding Plant